Our ways


GOE is committed to provide the highest level of engineering and construction management skills due to a strategic mixture of design engineering and hands-on field experience in construction and offshore operations.

Our work standards is among highest in the industry and all of our Project managers, engineers, schedulers, planners, document controllers and quality control personnel are completely committed to fulfil this standards.

GOE work standard focus and guidelines are:

  • All services and work is to be done in accordance with “safety first” policy to achieve “zero accident” objective.
  • To provide service that will enhance and optimize our customer’s performance.
  • To provide prosperity for our clients, shareholders, employees and their families.
  • Work environments, people behaviour and achievements are based on GOE mission and commitment to clients.


GOE Company in its operations leads to certain guidelines and rules obligatory for all our shareholders, subcontractors, partners and employees. This commitment is essential in order to achieve collective success.

  • Compliance with all generally accepted international laws, rules of moral and ethical business, as well as the adoption of local laws and customs in all areas/communities of the world in which we carry out services and perform work tasks.
  • In Health, Safety and Environment we uphold the highest standards of care for People and the Environment
  • To our customers we will provide the best possible value and most innovative and effective technical solutions consistently
  • We are driven by our customs needs and their business priorities
  • Our integrated services offering is focused on safety, up-time, optimum risk mitigation and value added
  • To deliver reliably on our promises
  • We listen, we learn, and we develop a profound understanding of client needs, then we apply our experience and expertise to deliver effective, innovative and creative solutions.
  • Strict adherence to anti-bribery, money laundering and anti-terrorism laws and regulations in all aspects and activities of our business.
  • Aspiration to improve services for our customers and clients, make responsible decisions about how we run our business, and actively manage social and environmental risks of our operations.
  • Above all, we are honest, fair and reliable in all our dealings with all our clients and customers.


GOE is dedicated to conducting business activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of its employees and of all persons affected by its activities, and that effectively protects the environment.
Our goal is to achieve and maintain Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) performance excellence, as measured by our customers, industry peers, government regulators and our own internal targets.
Our Safety team can identify and mitigate a range of Health and Safety issues through experience and knowledge of relevant regulatory requirements, analysis of equipment design, and use of our internal risk management procedures.

Key areas of support will include:

  • Underertaking system analyses, starting in the conceptual design stage to eliminate or control hazards, and continuing during the life of the project to evaluate changes in the system or in the environment.
  • Documenting and tracking hazards for lessons learned (HAZID)
  • Working with the clients design team to ensure hazards are eliminated at an early stage.
  • Creating and validating safe work practices and risk assessments for all offshore manufacturing, construction, and operations/maintenance activities.
  • Maintaining relevant information systems and documentation and establishing information and reporting channels related to health and safety issues and activities.

Also, GOE recognizes the importance of responsible environmental stewardship and the necessity to promote a consistently high level of environmental performance in the energy services industry. In pursuit of this goal, GOE works to meet or exceed industry guidelines as well as provincial, state and country legislation, regulations or protocols in all of its operations.
Compliance with all applicable governmental HSE regulations is considered the minimum acceptable standard of HSE performance.

We will seek to continuously improve HSE performance and meet or exceed industry best practices.
Active support of this policy is a condition of employment and an expectation of all with whom we do business.