Full Rig Condition Surveys of DS Discoverer Seven Seas

26 Feb 2015

GOE survey team boarded Discoverer Seven Seas in Vietnamese Sea on 30.11.2014, after passing safety induction was received by their host  from Transocean. GOE team was  familiarized team with rig operational status and provided designated staff to accompany surveyors on their task as well as supplying requested documentation and drawings for review.

Discoverer Seven Seas is self-propelled drilling vessel with dynamic positioning station keeping. DSS was built in 1976 in Mitsui Shipbuilding & Engineering in Japan in ABS class.  The vessel Vessel total length is 163m with width over sponsons 26,4m. This drill ship can operate at water depths to 7000 ft and drill down to approximately 25,000 ft. Vessels power generation consists of seven EMD diesel engines which power main generators, and Auxiliary Caterpillar diesel electric and one Emergency Caterpillar diesel electric. Positioned at vessel centre there is Pyramid 170`x46`54` Derrick rated up to 1,300,000lbs.

Team was presented by vessel documents package including class certificates, major equipment maintenance data, rig general drawings, IADC equipment list, etc.
Survey team has visually inspected all currently available compartments and rig capital equipment (due to rig operational status some areas and equipment were impossible to inspect), recording photographic evidence and taking notes which were base for minutely rig conditional survey report.


  • Hull inspection
  • Tanks inspection (mostly impossible due to rig operational status)
  • Propulsion and thruster inspection
  • Approx. calculation of steel for replacement in tanks and hull
  • Derrick general condition
  • Drilling equipment inspection
  • Subsea equipment inspection
  • Machinery inspection
  • Electrical systems inspection
  • Accommodations and HVAC
  • Preparation of information’s/measurements required to estimate repair/upgrading budget