DS Deep Venture

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Last upgrading for Deep Venture GOE team supplied in period of 2012 to 2014 in Singapore for our long-time client AMNGR.

Rig have been in very poor condition, and  required complete painting of hull, steel replacement and upgrading of some specific drilling  equipment.  GOE team was in charge of project execution supervision, monitoring and  quality assurance.

GOE design engineers conducted design, calculation  and fabrication drawings for required derrick upgrading to increase load hook capacitiy  from 1 M to 1.3 M lbs, flare boom desing, as well as design of BOP Frame.

GOE workscope:
  • Project management for upgrading and 5 year SPS
  • Steel replacement
  • Painting project
  • Drilling equipment overhauling
  • Derrick Upgrading from 1M to 1.3 M lbs
  • MRT system upgrading
  • Main engines overhauling
  • Propulsion overhauling
  • Power management system upgrading
  • Design of BOP Frame
  • Telescopic Flare boom design and fabrication drawings