Equipment Overhauling

GOE has experience within overhauling, testing, installation and commissioning of complete drilling packages for rig operators.
GOE performs overhauling of drilling equipment and cranes at our own workshop, out on the rig offshore, or at site during yard stay.

We also offer specialized teams of service engineers to travel to the rig location to carry out overhauling, installation and commissioning work.

List below shows some of our features projects:

  1. Replacement of crane boom in drilling operation
  2. Overhauling of top drive
  3. Overhauling of drawwork
  4. Overhauling of Crown Motion Compensator
  5. Overhauling of Wartsila engines
  6. Overhauling of BOP control systems
  7. Overhauling/Inspections of BOP-s