Full Rig Condition Surveys

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GOE also performs professional independent surveys and inspections on all types of land and offshore drilling rigs and support vessels.
GOE’s full rig condition survey gives an accurate insight into the state of maintenance and working conditions of the equipment and systems on any drilling unit, providing clients with the assurance that they can undertake operations efficiently and effectively.
We deliver an in-depth, risk-based technical report that provides clients with a comprehensive evaluation of the condition and operability of the equipment and systems installed.
Our surveys and inspections are designed to ensure that the units and equipment under inspection meet current industry standards. They also highlight any potential problem areas that could lead to expensive equipment downtime for our clients.
GOE provides comprehensive commissioning services that follow the highest safety standards and employ well-trained engineers.
We systematically manage entire commissioning projects including engineering, equipment installation, QA/QC and commissioning process integration testing for final acceptance, new refurbishments and upgrades.
GOE can provide a full project management team or a selected skills set to integrate with another project team.

Our inspection services include:

  • Rig/vessels condition surveys
  • Structural rig surveys
  • Tanks and void spaces surveys
  • Drilling equipment system surveys
  • Machinery equipment system surveys
  • Electrical equipment surveys
  • Subsea equipment surveys
  • Marine equipment surveys
  • Safety and survival equipment surveys
  • Supporting documentation

GOE provide comprehensive survey services that help ensure the integrity of client’s assets and reduce the risk and cost associated with equipment damages, aging, malfunctions and non-compliance.

Among others, GOE provide:

  • Dropped object surveys
  • Lifting equipment inspections
  • Hazardous area inspections
  • Non destructive NDT testing
  • Infrared inspections (electrical and mechanical)
  • Multi Cable Transit MCT inspections

Our main objectives at GOE are to provide and maintain professional standards throughout all of our work scopes and to work closely with all of our clients so as to full fill all of our clients’ requirements, to maintain a 100% positive feedback.