JU Murmanskaya


Murmanskaya Rig owned by Arktikmor Neftegas Razvetka is a Jackup type of drilling rig. It was design by CDB Korrall and delivered in 1991 built by Vyborg Shipyard at the Vyborg, Russia shipyard.
It is currently holding a Russian Federation flag. The Murmanskaya Jackup can operate at water depths up to 300 ft and drill down to approximately 20,000 ft.

After completion of rig condition survey, GOE team was up to task of providing repair & upgrade services for Murmanskaya Jack-Up Rig reactivation.
Repair workscope included replacement and renewal of almost 300 000 t of steel. Due to poor previous maintenance and extensive paint breakdown steelwork condition was unsatisfactory to comply with class requirements and safety regulations. GOE team was in charge of project execution supervision, monitoring and  quality assurance. Repairs started in December 2012 in Singapore and were completed in October 2013 in Vietnam, where rig is currently operating.

During this upgrading in shipyard GOE team managed:
  • Project management for 5 year SPS
  • Steel replacement project
  • Painting project
  • Legs inspection and painting
  • Engines overhauling
  • Drilling equipment overhauling
  • Derick repairs and upgrading