Who We Are

GOE is a company possessing key personnel from engineering, construction, project management, procurement, and operations backgrounds, brought together to provide the highest quality of engineering and construction services for the offshore oil and gas industry.

GOE, with its engineering proficiency, construction management skills, field experience and extensive knowledge of offshore operations, provides a strategic mixture of technical and hands-on expertise to meet our clients’ needs and requirements for oil and gas developments.

GOE was founded in 2001 to create a global full-service engineering and construction management company that specializes in the offshore oil and gas industry. GOE is committed to providing the highest level of engineering and construction management skills, providing a strategic mixture of design engineering and hands-on field experience for construction and offshore operations to meet the demanding needs of both onshore and offshore developments.

We are a quality-driven company that has established a Quality Management System to ensure that products and processes comply with stringent requirements.

GOE is committed to establishing a standard of excellence in design, technology and solutions. Our guiding principles are the fundamental steps to the continuous success of our company.

The secret of our success is quite simple: great engineers with the knowledge and innovation to work on diverse technologies and solutions in order to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction.


Global Offshore Engineering is dedicated providing of subsea and subsurface technologies, innovative solutions and services in many aspects of oil and gas service equipment engineering as well as maintenance.

Our offerings cover all phases of the project cycle, from idea and design, drawings and supporting documentations, through manufacturing and commissioning to operational support and maintenance services.

From providing project management and commissioning services to safety training, our company offers the experience and expertise required to solve our clients most complex technical challenges.

GOE’s services currently include:

  • Design & Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Project Services
  • Full rigs condition surveys
  • Crew Management
  • Technical Training