Feasibility study for Halliburton Pride

29 May 2015

GOE project management have completed feasibility study for upgrading of Multipurpose Offshore Construction vessel – Halliburton Pride, currently named Micoperi Pride (Built –Davie 717).

This study analyses three different options for upgrading and modifications:

  • Simple upgrading opening of moon pool and installation of large equipment skids for quick manipulation with equipment – OPTION 1.
  • Upgrading of vessel with construction of Derrick and AHC Winch of 300 t capacity – OPTION 2
  • Upgrading vessel with drilling Derrick and Drilling equipment with 650 t capacity using drill string and capability top hole drilling operation – OPTION 3.

Each upgrading version is analysed and work scope issued, required scope of work was used to calculate estimated budget for each project phase. This study analyses and gives comparison of projects time schedules and estimated budgets for all three options.

Study gives overview on time span required for vessel to be out of operation for upgrading and equipment installation purposes.

Upgrading can be performed in different operational variants if required by client or because of contract requirements but in general all important operational requirements are covered in the study.