Design for BOP Frame Cameron U-type BOP 18 ¾ 10 K system

The deep venture BOP frame was built to support the Cameron 4Ram 10M BOP stack in Cape Town in 2007.
The main frame structure consists of four parts: upper LMRP frame, lower LMRP frame, upper BOP frame and lower BOP frame.

After detailed visual inspection of the frame conducted by our engineers in April 2014 at the MTQ facility, Singapore, the GOE team submitted certain recommendations for modification and upgrading of the BOP frame.

The frame was redesigned and reinforced to satisfy the requirements of the new installed stack and supporting equipment. Refurbishment, production and assembling were completed in Vietnam in 2015. The stack was fitted with several new components including a lower annular gas bleed line.
GOE provided the complete design and documentation package including removal, repair, structural analysis, fabrication and assembly drawings for the BOP stack.