Subsea diver less hydraulic operated pipeline repair clamp

GOE has now developed a multi – purpose Structural Support & Defective Pipeline Repair Clamp.

This is a split clamp used for temporary/permanent subsea repairs.

The clamp halves are joint by tapeed locking bars to form high-integrity pressure vessel around the pipe.
The structural part of the clamp incorporates tension bowls and slips that grip the pipe at both ends of the clamp, transfering thrust loads trough the clamp body.
After the clamp is guided into place,a hydraulic cyllinder applies a closing force to close upper half. Then the lateral closing /locking devices are activated to tighten an energize the longitudinal face seals.
Once when lateral tapered locking bars are fully engaged, clamp axial tension can be activate. The axial tension is designed to activate gripping and circum differential seals at both ends, and transfer flange joint bolts preload to clamp body.
The clamp sealing system consist of mduled elastomer face seals between clamp halves and moduled circumferenial seals around the pipe.

The face seals are compressed when the clamp halves are closed, and lateral closing /locking devices are preloaded, metal-to-metal contact of the clamp faces. The circum differential seals are compressed by axial load from clamp tensioner.
The clamp can also be provided with dual seals to allow hydrostatic testing between the seals after installation to avoid annulus testing.
The clamp boy includes test/vent port so that clamp can be installed and tightened without internal pressure build up. The clamp is also designed with corrosion inhibitor connection to wash out seawater from the clamp chamber.

Clamp Advantages – General Information
• General advantages
• The clamp is equippted with installation/operation tool that can be removed after the clamp in installed and re-installed for later possible removal of the clamp by hydraulic pressure.
• Diver-less ROV installation
• No flange/bolt connection
• Hydraulically operated Pipe Gripping/Pipe Sealing/Preload function
• The clamp tension system is designed for full preload of the stud bolts ( on subsea end fittings flanges)
• Clamp is designed for operation down to 2000 meters of water depth
• The design is especially optimized for low weight and easy opertion/installation
• The clamp is equipped with a corrosion inhibitor charging system, hydraulically opereted by ROV to protect the Gripping system
• Moderate cost/High Performance
• Can be produced for sizes up to 46“
• Quick delivery time
• Approved for subsea qualification and DNV type approval