There is a demand from the Oil and Gas industries to develop and supply equipment and tools for the subsea area, that are smaller in size and weight, and easier to handle and maintain, without bolts and flange connection.

The tool must be enabled for hydraulic operation, by ROV support for shallow and deepwater application. Solution The MP pipeline repair tool is designed to prepare old subsea line for new connection.

The MP tools can also be utilized separately, allowing repairs/corrections of pipe for other application. The tool can be applied in pipes of different dimensions. NB. The MP tool can be operated by divers in shallow water applications, by using a hydraulic power pack and umbilical from a standard offshore vessel.

The MP tool is unique in its design, single tooling package for repair radius and ovality defects up to 13mm deflection, milling outer surface of pipeline to remove coating, pipe welding seem up to 700mm length, or other defects and also finishing and beveling end surface of pipe for easy entering.

The MP tool is originally designed for deepwater application, with operation from ROV, down to 3000meters. The MP tool is designed in cooperation with experienced ROV operators, and can be operated from any standard deepwater ROV.